the Chaperone

Okay, this movie should not be any good.  Really.  However I kind of liked it anyway. This was a 2011 movie.

Wrestler Triple H plays Ray Bradstone.  He is just out of prision trying to put his life back together and reconnect with his ex-wife and daughter Sally (Ariel Winter), However, it is not easy, For one thing, cars have gotten more complicated since he went to jail.  Also Sally resents him.

Some of Ray’s criminal buddies want him to help them rob a bank. Sally’s school is having a field trip to New Orleans. Ray backs out of the robbery and goes on the trip as a chaperone.  He knows a lot about dinosuars, which comes in handy later.  (Yeah, I know that was corny but it was fun.)

I am not sure why I liked this movie as much as I did.  Maybe becase it is silly.  Maybe I just wanted something silly or maybe Triple H is surprisingly likeable in the lead role. There were some nice moments with Ariel Winter and Triple H.

It is on Nexflix and I enjoyed it.  Maybe I should see if anymore of Tripple H’s films are Netflix.


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