Showtime is the latest book from Jeff Pearlman.  It is about the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s and early  1990s, this was the team of Magic, Kareem, coach Pat Riley, and James Worthy (among others).  It is pretty interesting.  I am not a big basketball fan but I have nostalgia for the Bird and Magic era and also Pearlman is a good author.

Any book about the Lakers of that era has to mention The Boston Celtics and Larry Bird. The book is naturally more about Magic and the Lakers but the Magic/Bird rivalry is mentioned.

Kareem Adbul-jabar not come off well in this book.  Apparently he was not well liked, either by fans or his teammates.  He was a great player however, the book doesn’t suggest otherwise.

Riley comes off worse than Kareem.  The book almost says that Riley became an ego maniac and that success went to his head by the last couple of years as Lakers’ coach. Considering that Riley had later success with the Knicks and Heat, suggests that he was a good coach.

It is a good book.


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