Movie Thoughts 3-15-2014

There are rumors that Fox is scrapping their Fantastic Four reboot(actors, director, and script are all on the chopping block) and starting over again. Fox has denied these rumors. I hope they’re not true. There are also rumors that there is a short list for Doctor Doom (a list of four actors).

The Man of Steel sequel is rumored to lack a completed script but production has started. (These rumors are kind of vague. I am not sure if the unfinished script means half done or less than half done.) Didn’t people learn from World War Z and its reshoots? I guess not.

Sebastan Stan has a 9 picture deal with Marvel.  I wonder what that could mean for the future of Chris Evans as Captain America.  Could they really replace Evans as Captain America?

Is there really going to be an Archie movie? As long as it is not based on Afterlife with Archie, I guess it could be okay. I think this would be the first movie for Archie.


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