Movie thoughts 3-8-2014

Stuck in Love is corny and maybe sappy.  Why did I watch it? Maybe it had something to do with Lily Collins. It is also possible the trailer made the movie look a bit more fun than it was. (I don’t hate that but it bothers me a little when a trailer for a movie is misleading about the tone of the movie.)

I didnt feel interested in the 300 Rise of an Empire.  I am not sure why not. Maybe I will catch it next weekend. I’ve seen some pretty good reviews but there have been a few reviews that suggest the movie looks good but is forgettable.

Divergent opens in less than 2 weeks.  I won’t read any of the books before the movie, I want to go in fresh.  I hope it will be good.

Captain America the Winter Soldier opens in about a month.



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