Almost Human season one in review

Almost Human ended its first season this week.  It was a 13 episode season but apparently the producers were hoping for an additional 9 episodes.  Also the episodes were shown out of production order, which probably didn’t help the series.

The year is 2048 and the police are having trouble dealing with high-tech crime.  The police are using androids/robots but the androids, MXs, have limits.  There was another type of android called DRNs, which are more human. The DRNs were decommissioned.

This series, is the story of two cops, John Kennex(Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy).  When the series starts, John is comming back from an ambush that killed the rest of his team and cost him a leg(which was replaced by an artifical leg).  He was betrayed by his girlfriend.  Dorian is an DRN and he is brought back into service to be John’s partner.

The heart of the show is the relationship between John and Dorian.  John is the classic hardboiled cop.  Dorian is  excited to be back in action and they develop a good chemistry as the season progressed. Ealy and Urban are both really good in their roles.

The supporting characters had a few moments to shine.  Maybe if the show got the other nine episodes, the supporting characters would have gotten more screen time. Minka Kelly’s character, Valerie Stahl, at times seemed to be a possible love interest for Urban’s character. Mackenzie Crook is fun as the lab guy Rudy.

It is uncertain if the series will come back for a second season. If it does, maybe John Larroquette’s Nigel Vaughn will return. Maybe Gina Carano can return as a villainous android.  They were both in the episode Unbound, which was pretty good.

I’d like to see another season.


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