More thoughts on Modern Family

I like Modern Family but I haven’t seen a lot of episodes.  I have seen mostly episodes from Season 5. I think the show might have another 2 or 3 years in it.  That is not bad for this day and age,

Ed ONeill is really good in the show.  He will probably always be remembered as Al Bundy. However ONeill is the center of the show.  Maybe in hindsight, it is just as well that his Dragnet series did not catch on.

There are things that I am not sure about.  Manny has made a few comments in one episode that bordered on creepy.  If that is a recurring thing, maybe it should not be a recurring thing.

I think Cameron and Mitchell bicker a little too much.  Sometimes it is hard to believe they like each other. I know the bickering couple is a staple on sitcoms but maybe they take it too far.

Also is Gloria supposed to be this extreme?  Even for a sitcom, she seems a bit much.

Alex seems to be lost in the shuffle in a lot of episodes.  Maybe if the show had been just about Phil and Claire’s family, she’d have more to do.

Overall, I am still interested in seeing more episodes.


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