TV thoughts 2-28-2014

I was late to discover/start watching Modern Family. It is pretty good at times, althought I like Community more.  I have seen more episodes of Community,so maybe I wiil like Modern Family more the more I watch it. I think my favorite episode so far might be Three Dinners.  Ed O’Neil is really good in this show.

Almost Human’s first season ends next week.  Overall, I think it is pretty good.   The supporting characters could use a bit more time in the spotlight but I thought the latest episode was good for Minka Kelly’s character Stahl.  I hope the show comes back for a second season.

I like Sleepy Hollow, from what I’ve seen so far.  It is kind of odd to see Orlando Jones in a dramatic role at first.  Maybe the show will get better if it gets a second season.

For the third season of Arrow, I’d like fewer flashbacks.  I may have said that once or twice.


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