Odd Thomas

This was a good movie. I haven’t read the novel, Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, so I cannot say if the adaption is close.  If it is, well maybe I need to check out the other books in the series.

AntonYelchin is good as Odd Thomas. (I also liked him in Fright Night and Star Trek.)  He is a short order cook who can see the dead.  He can also see demons called Bordachs that hint at upcoming deaths. He solves crimes in his small town.

One day, a strange man enters Odd’s diner and there is a swarm of Bordachs around him. Odd starts to investigate and becomes convinced that there is a terrible tragedy coming to his small town. The rest of the movie is about Odd trying to figure out what might happen and how he can stop it.

I liked it.  I found Odd and his girlfriend Stormy(Addison Timlin) likeable.  I’d be interested if there was another movie.

I’d say this is more of an action movie with supernatural elements than a pure horror movie.


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