Comic book Movie thoughts 2-22-2014

The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is out.  It looks a little goofy, at least the parts with Star Lord. It doesn’t look bad but it is different than the other Marvel movies.  Also Hooked on a Feeling as a song featured in the trailer is an odd choice.

I haven’t seen any updates on a possible Shadowman film in a while.

I am not sure about the Fantastic Four casting.  I am not sure if Miles Teller will do a good job as Reed Richards.  He doesn’t, at first glance, quite seem the right choice. Maybe it will work.

I know the casting of Michael B, Jordan as the Human Torch is controversial.  He is a good actor.  He will be good, I am pretty sure. Maybe it would be better to have Jordan play an Africian-American superhero. He is a bit young to be the Black Panther.

The Beast is apparently going to be Hulk-like in X-men Days of Future Past. Maybe it will work out but it seems like a bad idea.  Why do that? It really doesn’t seem to suit the Beast.


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