Earth 2 thoughts Feb 2014

Well, I am still enjoying Earth 2.  I am not sure of all the decisions that new writer Tom Taylor has made. However I am still interested enough to continue buying the book.

It is kind of cool that Lois Lane is the Red Tornado.  It was neat that she was unfridged.  (Heh. I should have noticed that detail earlier.) Maybe she can find a way to get through to the villainous Superman.

It was also nice to meet Aquawoman.  Maybe she will have a role to play later.

I am not sure about the new Batman.  His origin does seem to contradict a lot of what was known about Earth 2 and the previous Batman. However he is a driven character and maybe he will become interesting as the series progresses.

It would be good to see Mister Miracle again. He really has not been a major character.  Also, are he and Barda married?

It also would be nice to see Captain Steel again.  I have always had a soft spot for the Haywood family.

It was nice to see Connor Hawke. I am not sure if he will ever become a major character. I’d like it if he did but it would be good if he showed up on a regular basis.

I think this series could be better but I think it is still pretty good.


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