TV Thoughts 2-16-2014

Arrow has been renewed for a third season.  That is good. I am enjoying the show.  Maybe in the third year, there will be fewer flashbacks.  I almost feel at times like I am watching Highlander.

The Flash pilot has been cast.  John Wesley Shipp, the Flash from the 1990s series, has a part. (His part is being kept secret for now.) I thought that was a very nice touch. I hope the pilot goes well.

It is odd the first weekend or two without the NFL.

Almost Human remains good.  I have liked the last two episodes a lot, even if there are a lot of questions about the wall and what is beyond it.  Maybe the supporting cast needs more to do or better storylines. I hope the show comes back for a second season.

Endeavour is not coming back to PBS until at May at the earliest

Apparently I am also watching Modern Family and Sleepy Hollow.



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