NFL thoughts 2-15-2014

The NFL is rumored to be thinking about expanding the playoffs.  I am not in favor of that. I think there are enough playoff teams. This comes up every few years or so.

12 of 32 NFL teams make the playoffs. That is less than half. I think that is enough. It makes the regular season meaningful. The NBA has 16 of 30 teams make the playoffs, which is good but maybe 12 would be better.

There is an openly gay NFL prospect, defensive end Michael Sam from Missouri. I am surprised by that but maybe it was time.  By the time the season starts maybe no one will care. Dale Hansen, the long time Dallas sportscaster, has a good video about this.

The Super bowl was a surprise. I thought Seattle could win but I didn’t think they’d dominate. Oh well, I’ve had predictions go wrong before and I will again. Poor Peyton. His legacy will take a hit.


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