Movie thoughts 2-15-2014

3 remakes of 1980s(Robocop, Endless Love, and About Last Night) movies were released this week. That was odd. I didn’t go to any of them. All of them had mixed or bad reviews and even the positive reviews for About Last Night suggest that Kevin Hart can be a bit too much.

The grading sytem of Richard Roeper sometimes confuses me a bit. His review of Robocop was a C and I wonder how bad a movie has to be get a D or an F. He didn’t seem to like anything about Robocop.

The Lego Movie was good. It was fun.   My brother took his kids earlier this week and they liked it. I went to the 2d showing.

Donnie Yen’s latest movie, or at least his latest movie available to rent on Amazon and Itunes, Special Id is good.  It is not great. It is not as good as Flashpoint. It is worth seeing and I plan to see it again if I t pops up on Netflix later this year.


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