Movie thoughts 2-09-2014

I liked Vampire Academy. I thought Zoey Deutch was really likeable in her role. Maybe she can get into a better movie.  Okay the movie was not great. The movie held my interest and I thinking of getting one of the books.

It feels like time for a new batch of previews.  I feel have seen the same previews forever and they are not gettung more interesting.  The number of trailers has stabilized at six but it is still early.

Paul Bettany will be the Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron.  Ms. Marvel will also be in Avengers Age of Ultron. War Machine is also supposed to be in the movie. The movie is getting a little crowded.

The Lego movie got good reviews. I am taking my nieces and nephew this weekend. Maybe the movie will be as good as reviews suggest,

I might be fairly forgiving as a critic, even an amatuer one. There weren’t a lot of reviews of Vampire Academy but a couple of them mentioned the opening as being a bit exposition heavy.  

I stillcannot decide if I want to see About Last Night. Maybe I’ll flip a coin to decide.


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