I am a little late to discover Community. I just started watching it in December.  I have watched a lot of the previous seasons’ episodes on Hulu. I haven’t seen them all.

I am mildly obsessed with it. Okay, maybe not but I like it a lot. I think it might be my favorite sitcom currently on TV. It is really funny at times. I like the characters, especially Joel McHale’s character Jeff Winger.

Chevy Chase was already announced as gone when I started watching. He had some good moments but at times his character came off as too mean. Maybe it will work out best for the series that his character was killed off.  Chase had some conflicts with some of the writers.

Apparently season four was considered a disaster by a lot of fans. The writer/show creator Dan Harmon was replaced for that year. That might be related to the issues with Chevy Chase.  I am not sure season 4 was that bad. Maybe it had more bad episodes than the other seasons.

Favorite Episodes so far include

  • the Pilot episode
  • Modern Warfare
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • a Fistfull of paintballs
  • Introduction to Finality

Seaon Five is going on.  Actor Donald Glover, who played Troy, has left the series.  His last episode was good but the question is how will his absence effect the show?


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