Justice League War

This is the latest animated made for DVD movie with the Justice League.  It is based on the recent new 52 relaunch of Justice League.  This features the team coming together for the first time to fight Darkseid and his minions from Apokolips.

It is good.  Maybe it needed a little more time to establish characters. Maybe an extra five to ten minutes would have been nice. Steve Trevor was not really identifed or maybe I missed it.

The action was good.  I thought the movie started off well.  Maybe Darkseid’s plan was a bit simple for him.  Maybe if the movie had a bit more time, he could have a more complex plan. Or maybe if there is a sequel, he can have a more complex plan.

Some quick thoughts

It was interesting to see a younger Superman.

The substition of Shazam for Aquaman worked out.

Wonder Woman was a bit more war like than I expected.

There are some really nice constructs from Green Lantern.


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