Movie Thoughts 2-2-2014

Man of Tai Chi, the martial arts movie directed by Keanu Reeves, was good.  It is on Netflix.  Keanu Reeves did a pretty good job as director.  I am interested in seeing another film by him.

That Awkward Moment got some pretty bad reviews, (23% on Rotten Tomatoes).  So, I decided to skip it. Maybe romantic comedies are going through a rough period.  Hopefully, the actors and actresses will have better luck with their next movies.

This was not a great two weeks at the movies. I, Frankenstein had a few moments but in hindsight, I could have waited for it to pop up on Netflix. No movie opened this weekend worth seeing. Things have to get better.

(I hope they do.)

Vampire Academy opens this weekend.  I wonder if it will be popular.  It might be fun.


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