TV thoughts 1-26-2014

Sherlock is back on PBS.  The first new episode was good and I look forward to the next two episodes.  I wish there were more than 3 episodes/movies a season.  Maybe 4 or 5 would be nice.

I am not sure when Endeavour comes back.  Maybe it will come back in the fall.  That series has been pretty good so far. I still have 1 or 2 episodes from last season to watch.

I am watching Community and Brooklyn 99.  They are the only sitcoms I am watching currently. I don’t really think they have anything in common,  The only dramas I am watching regularly are Almost Human and Arrow.

I do catch reruns of the Big Bang Theory but I don’t like that show as much as some of my friends do. I’ve liked the episodes I’ve seen.  I am not sure why I don’t like it more.


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