Movie thoughts 1-26-2014

I, Frankenstein had some nice moments.  It could have better and if I don’t see at least ten better films this year, it will be a bad year at the movies. Cinemablend suggested that  more humour would have helped. I am not sure about that.  It might be worth seeing again when it goes to Netflix.

I think there were only five trailers before the movie and one was a teaser trailer. That would be less than12 minutes of trailers. That is different.  Last year it was an average of six or seven trailers before each film. It is early in the year, probably  too early to judge.

I am not sure if I like teaser trailers.  Maybe it is better to just make a full trailer. Maybe I will have more thoughts after seeing more teaser trailers.

I cannot decide if I want to see the new About Last Night.  I don’t get Kevin Hart.  I tried one of his stand up specials and I didn’t like it. Reviews for his movie Ride Along were bad.  However Micheal Ealy is in  About Last Night and he’s good on Almost Human.  So, maybe.


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