The Wrong Quarry

The Wrong Quarry is the latest novel by Max Allan Collins. It is part of his series about Quarry, a hitman.  Collins has written these novels since the 1970s. He stopped writing the books for years and then started writting them again.

Quarry kills other hitmen.  He offers his  services to people targeted for murder.   It is not quite the Human Target’s method of operation but it is sort of similar. In this one, Quarry comes to a small town to protect a dance instructor.

The book is good.  I think the Mallory series and the Nathan Heller series is better.  To be fair this is the first Quarry novel I’ve read in years,  Maybe the other novels in the series are better.

If you haven’t read any of Collins’ work, maybe you should start with the Mallory series or the Nathan Heller series.


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