Streets of Fire re-watched

The Lincoln Lawyer was on cable and that got me thinking about Michael Pare(he had a supporting role in the movie). That lead to thinking about Streets of Fire.

This was a movie from 1984.It was written and directed by Walter Hill. Hill is probably best known for 48 Hours and the Warriors. He recently directed Stallone’s movie Bullet to the Head.

Tom Cody (Pare) returns from his time in the army to save singer Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) from a biker gang. Ellen is a former girlfriend.  Alng the way, Tom acquires a sidekick, McCoy (Amy Madigan). Cody saves Ellen but the biker gang comes back. Also Ellen is disappointed that Tom saved her for money.

Pare was good as the hero. William Defaoe was creepy as the villain. Diane Lane was beautiful and likealbe as Ellen.   Amy Maidgan was good as McCoy. Rick Moranis was playing a serrious character. (He is usually comedic.) Robert Townsend had a small part.

The music is good. Songs included “I Can Dream About You” by Dan Hartman, “Nowhere Fast” and “Tonight is What It Means to Be Young” by Fire Inc.

There was a sort of sequel called Road to Hell  a few years back, also with Michael Pare.


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