Music Thoughts 1-2-2014

I still don’t hate Taylor Swift.  I think she could have a few more fun songs but who couldn’t? I am considering buying a greatest hits CD if she makes one.

I think I like Jon Steven’s cover of This Love more than the original by Maroon 5. It might be because I heard his version first.  I am not sure. It could be that I am more likely to go to a concert by John Stevens than Maroon 5.

I don’t think liking the acoustic version of a song makes me a music snob.  I cannot be a music snob, I have too many Barry Manilow CDs. (My co-workers would say that too. )

I am a bit out of touch, I only liked one of the top ten best selling songs of 2013. That song was Mirrors by Justin Timberlake (althought I might have liked a cover of it better). I liked two other songs from the list, Just Give Me a Reason by Pink, and Counting Stars by One Republic.


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