Remo Williams the adventure Begins

This is a classic movie. Sadly it didn’t become a franchise. This movie was based on the long running Destroyer series of paperbacks.

Fred Ward stars as Remo Williams, a cop recruited to become a secret agent. Joel Grey stars as Chiun, the master of Sinanju. He was hired to teach Remo Sinanju, the greatest of the martial arts. Wilfred Brimley was Harold W. Smith, the head of CURE, the super secret agency which recruited Remo.  That was fun.

Remo undergoes training while CURE targets George Grove, a weapons maker, who might be ripping off the government.  Meanwhile a female major is on Grove’s trail.

This movie was not a hit. Maybe it was too long. Maybe the training scenes were too long (even though they were fun). Maybe the villains weren’t compelling enough.

Joel Grey was fun as Chiun and Fred Ward was perfect as Remo.  However if this is ever remade, a Korean actor would need to be found for Chiun.

However I really liked it.  The music was good and the fight on the statue of Liberty was fun.

I think my DVD is almost worn out.


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