I want Vath Sarn to have his own movie

I want Vath Sarn to have his own movie.

I’d settle for his own mini-series  though. Vath is the Green Lantern from the planet Rann.  His partner is Isamot Kol, from the planet Thanagar.  (If Vath gets a movie, Isamot will likely be in it too.) They have been featured regularly in comics since 2005.

Of course I am kidding, at least a little bit. I don’t think Vath Sarn is going to get his own movie.  I really don’t think he would even be part of a big screen Justice League.  I’d like to see the character outside of comics though.

If Marvel can bring Rocket Raccoon to the big screen,  it seems like anything can be possible.  Marvel is bringing Rocket Raccoon and Groot to the big screen, so it seems like a lot is possible.

Oh well, maybe Vath can be at least mentioned in a Justice League movie or a future Green Lantern movie.


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