Comic book thoughts 12-28-2013

So far, still no appearance by Ted Kord.  Forever Evil is more than 1/2 over, so maybe there will not be an appearance of Ted Kord. I miss Ted.

Forever Evil has been pretty good though. It has been fun to see what makes the Crime Syndicate tick.  It has also been fun to see some of the villains interact.  You might have a problem if Captain Cold says you have issues.

Origin II is out and it looks interesting. This is about Wolverine in his early days and it picks up  after the end of Origin, I wonder why it took so long to get a sequel.

Daredevil is getting a new start in March.  He is moving to San Francisco.  He lived there for a while in 1970s.  Maybe I should pick it up in March. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee remain as writer and artist.

I still miss Wally West.


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