Prisoners re-watched

Prisoners holds up on re-watching.

It is Thanksgiving in a suburb of Pittsburgh and two girls disappear.  A suspect is arrested but not charged.  One of the fathers, Keller Dover,  goes to drastic measures to find out what happened.

Meanwhile a detective is investigating.  There are hints that this disappearance is part of  a larger scheme.

Hugh Jackman is good as Keller Dover.  He has some survivalist  traits.  The disappearance of the two girls pushes him to the point of madness.  Jake Gyllenhaal is good as detective Loki. He and Dover clash several times. I am not sure if it is Jackman’s best performance.

Terrence Howard stars as Frankin Birch, the other father.  He has a less showy role than Jackman.  Howard might not have gotten the recognition he deserved. Viola Davis stars as Howard’s wife. Maria Bello stars as Jackman’s wife.

Paul Dano stars as the suspect, Alex Jones. At times he looks creepy. At other times, he looks caught up in a world he’s not prepared to handle.

Dover says at one point that Jones is no longer human because he took the girls. The question remains unasked if Dover is still human after what he puts Jones through to find the girls.


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