Fast and Furious Six re-watched

Okay, I bought Fast and Furious Six on Blu-ray. I still don’t get this franchise completely but this movie was fun, Also I wanted to see Paul Walker in this series one more (and possibly last) time.

Here are a few thoughts that occurred to me while re-watching the movie

  • Paul Walker might have been underrated
  • Dwayne Johnson still has not found the perfect movie for him
  • it was nice to not to see London totally destroyed
  • Gal Godot might not be the best choice for Wonder Woman
  • Luke Evans was a good villain, not a great one (which doesn’t inspire confidence in his upcoming turn as Dracula)
  • Gina Carano might not be ready to carry a movie but she can be good in a supporting role that requires fighting
  • I am still surprised that Jason Statham wanted to join someone else’s franchise but he will probably be a heck of a villain
  • Vin Diesel has a bit less talent and/or likability than Dwayne Johnson

I liked the movie a bit more on a second viewing.  I am not sure why exactly.  However I might not need to see any of the other films in this seres anytime soon. The hand to hand fights were fun. There could have been a few more of them.

The future of this series is uncertain.


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