the Mortal Instruments the City of Bones re-watched

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected I would.  I am not saying it was one of the ten best movies I saw this year.  I didn’t like it quite that much. The movie is based on a novel by Cassandra Clare.

The movie is about a young woman Clary, who discovers that she has a secret heritage. Her mother disappears and Clary meets Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower). Jace explains that he is a shadow hunter. Shadow Hunters are descended from angels and fight demons. Her best friend Simon(Robert Sheehan) is also swept up into the adventure.

Like I said, I liked the movie. I thought Lily Collins was really likable in her role. The romantic triangle with Clary, Simon, and Jace was not overdone. Simon had a few nice comments but the movie doesn’t ever have too much comic relief. The action was well staged. Collins has nice chemistry with Campbell Bower. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is good as the villain.

The movie is plot heavy. There is a lot to set up. Maybe if there is a sequel, less things will be needed to set up. However the movie is still good.

There is a good review on DVD Verdict.

When did Vampires and Werewolves become enemies?  Was that in the Underworld series?  I am just wondering.


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