The World’s End re-watched

Well, that movie was fun. It might not be as good as I thought when I saw it in theaters. I don’t regret buying the DVD .

Five old friends go back to their hometown to try to recreate a pub crawl. For four of them it seems to be a burden. Only Gary King, who recruited the others, really seems excited. I am not sure how long it been since some of these friends saw Gary but I think a few would have been happy not to see him.

However times have changed. Some of the pubs are almost identical. Something more sinister than Starbucking is happening. This movie is set in England but in a small town or village, not London.

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman are really good. Pegg’s Gary King is the main character an d the driving force of the movie. Frost’s character has some resentments.

This is a good movie. Maybe would have interesting not to have the plot twist and just concentrate on the five friends. Just a thought. Of course that would be a different movie.

This is the third teaming of director Edgar Wright, actors Frost and Pegg. It might be their best. Hot Fuzz was pretty good too.


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