TV thoughts 12-08-2013

I like Almost Human.  I think it will be a good show.  I like Karl Urban and Michael Ealy is pretty good in his role.  I wonder if it will remain a self contained episode style show or if it will start to do some longer arcs.

Fox is still working on a Gotham series.  It would not be about Batman.  I am not sure if I like this idea or not.

J August Richards is returning to Agents of Shield.  It seems like a good time to check out the series again.

MTV might bring Terry Brooks’ Shannara novels to television.  That could be interesting.  The novels might work better as seasons of a TV series than as movies.  This is in the early stages of development.  The creators of Smallville are involved in the project.

Maybe Brooks’ series the Magic Kingdom of Landover could come to TV if the Shannara series does well.  That could be good.

There might be too much football on TV.


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