Movie year in review up to now 12-2-2013

I think Gravity might have been pretty good.  I might just have expected too much. I want to see it on Blu-Ray. I still like my movies with villains.  I am not much for disaster movies or movies about plagues.

I am not tired of Superhero movies. I think that it was a good year for Superhero movies except for kick-ass 2 and the Lone Ranger. I think both of those movies might not have been terrible.  The best superhero movie was Iron Man 3.  Maybe Valiant could get one of their characters on the big screen soon.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger are still making good movies. However they don’t have the box office appeal that they once did. At least they don’t have the same domestic appeal. Their movie Escape Plan did well internationally.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith both stumbled this year. They made expensive sci-do movies that weren’t popular or at least not popular enough domestically. Cruise is coming off back to back disappointments,  so maybe he is in a mini-slump.

It seemed to be a down year for romantic comedies. The only romantic comedy I can think of this year is Much Ado About Nothing. I am not sure if the Best Man Holiday counted. There might have another romantic comedy but I can’t think of its title. The To Do List might count.

Sequels are bigger than ever. Even Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell made sequels this year, a first for each of them. Grown Ups 2 was a success. Now it is Ferrell’s turn with Anchorman 2. Sandra Bullock remains anti-sequel.

3D is not gone yet.

I went to four smaller/independent movies this year. I enjoyed them all.

  • Mud
  • The Way Way Back
  • The Spectular Now
  • The Grandmaster

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