Book Thoughts Early December 2013

The book on the 2011 Jets, Low Collision Crossers by Nicholas Dawioff, is pretty good.  Maybe if I loved the Jets, I’d love the book.  It is interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a NFL team and the writer did a good job and I think he was fair.  One of the most interesting things, well to me, is that Rex Ryan picked Mark Sanchez over Josh Freeman in part because Ryan didn’t think Freeman could handle playing in New York.

Ask Not is the latest book by Max Allan Collins.  It is another in his Nathan Heller series and it is the third book involving JFK.  I am still not sure why I didn’t enjoy the first book in this trilogy more. Collins said that he might have said that he might end the series with the JFK murder but he is now keeping his options open.

I just got the Micheal Connelly book the Gods of Guilt. It is read by Peter Giles, he is good. It is a Lincoln Lawyer novel.  Haller didn’t win the election for district attorney.


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