Movie Thoughts 11-29-2013

Bandslam was good.  It is playing on cable.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.   It is kind of corny but that is not always a bad thing,

It looks like the Amazing Spider-man 2 might be trying to do too much.  The Rhino, the Green Goblin, and Electro are slated to appear.  That might be one villain too many.  I want a movie, not a traffic jam.  (Of course I am not complaining, yet, about all the characters expected to show up in X-men Days of Future Past.)

I saw the trailer for the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and it doesn’t look funny.  I like Ben Stiller, sometimes, maybe the movie is better than the trailer makes it look. Okay to be fair, I like Ben Stiller in a lot of his movies but I do think that “Meet” series needs to end.

I think I was a little hard on Steve Martin in my post about his film career.  Maybe instead of being sad about how few classic movies he’s made, I should be glad that he made those classic films.  How many classic movies did Richard Pryor make?  How many classic movies did Eddie Murphy make?  Maybe in a few years, It’s Complicated will become a classic.


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