TV Thoughts 11-29-2013

I saw a few episodes of Arrow.  It is good.  Stephen Amell is a likable hero.  The only problem I have is the flashbacks.  Maybe fewer flashbacks would be better.

Sherlock comes back to PBS in January.  CBS’ show Elementary seems to be fairly successful also.  Maybe I should watch Elementary.

Jay Leno is suppsed to leave the Tonight Show next year.  I wonder if it will really happen.  It seems a bit soon to elevate Jimmy Fallon and I wonder if he will be more successful than Conan O’Brien.

ESPN is turning to celebrity hosts for Sportscenter.  Is that a bad sign?

TNT’s Mob City looks interesting.  It is set in 1947 Los Angeles.  It will be on for 3 weeks.  It looks interesting. I don’t think it is based on Raymond Chandler’s novels or stories.

The Walking Dead remains as popular as ever. There is talk of a spin-off series. I have not seen it.

Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show did not last long.  As talented as Baldwin is, he seems to be difficult to work with or he has anger control problems.


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