Steve Martin’s films

For as funny as he is, Steve Martin doesn’t have a lot of classic films. I can only think of four classics that he made.

  • Father of the Bride
  • LA Story
  • Roxanne
  • Parenthood

Other good movies but not quite classics

  • Housesitter
  • It’s Complicated
  • The Jerk
  • The Man with Two Brains
  • Bowfinger

Is my standard for classic films too high? I am not sure.

Except for the Pink Panther movies, I cannot think of any really bad movies that Martin has made.  Also those films are not really terrible and maybe they just suffer in comparison to Peter Sellars’ classic movies. I did like the second movie a bit more than the first one.

To be fair, I haven’t seen his last film The Big Year. Maybe it is pretty good.


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