Movie thoughts 11-26-2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is not in 3D.  Neither was the Hunger Games. I wonder why not.  I am not complaining though.  I thought all the big movie franchises had to be in 3D now. The next Hunger Games comes out next year.

I did not feel like a serrious movie this weekend. Or maybe I didn’t feel like going to 2 movies this weekend. I still haven’t seen Twelve Years a Slave.  Maybe I will go later if the movie is still playing.  I am sure the movie is good.

Homefront is getting bad reviews.   The script is reportedly bad.  Maybe I can skip it.  It probably will be on HBO in a year or so.  Maybe it will be decent at best and at this time of the year, maybe I want a little more than that from a movie.

Vince Vaughn might be in trouble.  His movie Delivery Man tanked. I did not feel interested in seeing it.  His last two movies also tanked and it has been a while since his last hit. (Was his last hit Wedding Crashers?) Maybe he has just had a string of bad choices.   Or maybe people feel that they have seen him enough in the kind of movies he is making (which might mean that they’d like to see him in some other movies),

Oldboy hasn’t screened for critics yet.  It is opening tomorrow . I wonder why it has not been screened.  Spike Lee is a major director, so it is a bit odd that his movie is not being screened. I wonder if there will be a screening.


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