Man of Steel Re-watched

Man of Steel is a good movie.  It is not a classic.  I think it is not as good as the original Superman movie from 1978.

I think the movie could have been more fun.  I think it should have been more fun.  I am not sure if Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan know what fun is.  (Maybe that was a cheap shot.)

Henry Clavill is good as Clark/Kal-El.  I think he should get better in future movies.  He is not quite Superman yet until the end of the movie.  If Cavill hadn’t been good, the movie would have been bad.

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane were good as Jonathan and Martha Kent.  I think I liked the parents from Superman the movie a bit better though. Russell Crowe was good as Jor-El.

Michael Shannon is good as General Zod.

I am not sure if Amy Adams was right as Lois Lane.   Something just seemed a little off.  Maybe she’ll be better in the next movie.

I disagree with the ending.  However it was not so bad that it prevented me from enjoying the movie as a whole.

Maybe the sequel can be more fun.

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