Comic book thoughts 11-25-2013

So far, there has been no appearance of Ted Kord. He could still appear in Forever Evil.

Speaking of Forever Evil, it has been pretty good. I think it will continue to be good. It is nice to see Captain Cold and the rest of the Rogues interact with other villains.

The new Ms Marvel could be interesting. I think Marvel needs a few new heroes.  Maybe she could join the New Warriors in time.

Moon Knight is getting another series.  Warren Ellis is writing it.  Maybe it could be interesting.  This is his fourth or fifth regular series.  I wonder why the character is having a hard time sustaining an audience.

I haven’t seen any issue of the Fox. The reviews have been good. It might be a mini-series. I wonder why it is a mini-series.

The Crusaders have been on hiatus. I have no idea when they are coming back. I think they are coming back.

Afterlife with Archie is rumored to be good. I know that I am surprised.


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