Movie trailer thoughts 11-24-2013

I have been looking at some movie trailers online lately.  Most are good. I do think trailers have more of an impact on the big screen  but I haven’t been to a movie for over a week.

The trailer for Muppets Most Wanted looks good. Tina Fey is as funny as I’ve seen her or maybe funnier. This movie looks to be fun. My brother won’t go but his kids might.

Sabotage looks decent but maybe not more than that.  Arnold Schwarzenegger stars again but with some younger co-stars.  Maybe it will be worth seeing and maybe the second trailer will be better.

The new Robocop trailer is okay but it doesn’t inspire me to see the movie.   It looks like it might be a decent movie but it only inspires me, at the moment, to re-watch the classic movie with Peter Weller.

The second Vampire Academy trailer is more comedic. Maybe the movie is more comedic than it first appeared. I am more interested in seeing the movie.

The first trailer for Hercules looked decent. Of course there is a second Hercules movie coming out later. Maybe that movie will be good too. I am interested in seeing both movies.

The second Divergent trailer was good.


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