Thor the Dark World

This movie is pretty good. It might not be as good as Iron Man 3 but it is good. It is at least as good as the Wolverine.

The dark elves want to use a weapon/power source called the aether to destroy the universe. Thor wants to stop them and save Jane Foster, who has been infected by the aether. Loki starts off the movie in a dungeon. Odin wants Thor to assume the throne of Asgard soon.

Rene Russo gets a bit more to do as queen Frigga.  She has a nice line to Odin saying that he has only survived because she worries about him.

Natalie Portman remains likable as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster.  There is not really a love triangle with her, Sif, and Thor.  This is not Twilight for superheroes but it is obvious that Odin prefers Sif as a potential wife for Thor.  Jamie Alexander is good as Sif.

Chris Hemsworth remains good as Thor.  He might not be as hard to replace as Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.  Tom Hiddleston remains a major asset to this franchise.  They have nice moments together. (It is not a spoiler to say that Loki gets out of the dungeon.)

There is not too much comic relief.  I apparently dread too much comic relief. I am not sure how an intern gets her own intern though.

The movie is under two hours long. That is nice but the movie didn’t feel rushed. Maybe the movie could have been a bit better if a few scenes were allowed more time to play out.

If there is a third movie, it might be just as well not to bring back the dark elves.

Thor will return, it says so at the end of the movie.


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