Movie thoughts 11-10-2013

There are apparently three documentaries about One Direction.   Isn’t that at least one too many? I am not saying that the band doesn’t deserve a documentary but three in a year seems like a bit much.

I wonder if there will really be a Doc Savage movie.  I know there is supposed to be one.  However the Lone Ranger movie bombed, could that make the producers nervous?  Doc is a bit obscure compared to Batman or Superman or Spider-man.  I haven’t heard anything about the movie lately.  Last I heard/read is that finding the right actor to play Doc is challenging..

Valiant still wants to bring Shadowman to the big screen.  (There was no new news on this but I wanted to mention it.)  Bloodshot is apparently also in development. A Bloodshot movie could be fun but a Ninjack movie could be really cool.

Nightwing is rumored to be in the Superman Batman movie.  Well that could be interesting.  There are 3 contenders but only one name has been released.  That actor is Adam Driver from HBO”s Girls.  I am not familiar with him at all.

The fifth Bourne movie has a director, Justin Lin.  I am not sure if this kills any possibility of Matt Damon coming back. Damon has said that he would come back if Paul Greengrass came back as director.


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