Book thoughts November

Deadly Heat is pretty good.  This is the fifth book about NYPD detective Nikki Heat and writer Jamison Rook. These books are inspired by the tv show castle and written by richard castle. The books can be enjoyed by people who aren’t fans of the show. This one is read on audio download by Robert Petkoff.  I liked Johnny Heller who read some of the earlier books but Petkoff does a good job.

League of Denial is the book about the NFL and concussions. It covers the stories of Mike Webster and Merril Hoge, both former Steelers.  It also details the efforts of the league to downplay the effect of concussions.  This book was the basis of the PBS special of the same name.  The book is written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru.

I am still thinking of ordering that book on the New York Jets.  I probably will.

Double Down Game Change 2012 is good but probably a little less interesting than Game Change.  I am not sure why that is.  Maybe the election is less interesting without Hillary Clinton.  I found the details of her run for President really interesting.  Also I thought John McCain’s struggle with front runner status was interesting.  It could be that because there was an incumbent president running for re-election that the story would be less interesting than an election year without an incumbent president running for office.


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