White House Down re-watched

White House Down is a good movie.  Yes it was less profitable  than Olympus Has Fallen but both movies are good.  Olympus has Fallen has a harder edge and White House Down is more comedic.

In this movie, Channing Tatum is a Washington DC cop named John Cale trying to get a secret service job and re-connect with his 11 year daughter Emily.  On the day they tour the White House, terrorists take it over.  John has to save his daughter and president James Sawyer (played by Jamie Fox).  If President Sawyer seems inspired by President Obama, well that’s okay.  (Fox is not doing an Obama impression.)

Cale and Sawyer team up to escape and battle the bad guys.  This makes the movie almost a buddy comedy.  I like buddy comedies.  Also it was kind of cool that the bad guys were a combination of mercenaries, white supremacists, and ex-NSA hackers.   That is kind of different.

James Woods and Richard Jenkins are good in supporting roles.  So is Jason Clark, who is pretty much playing an evil version of his character from Zero Dark Thirty (thanks to Movie Bob for that observation).  Maggie Gyllenhaal is also good in her supporting role.

Yes, this movie is silly at times.  Silly is not always bad.

Director Ronald Emmerich is best known for Independence Day.  White House Down might be his best film.


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