Thinking about the state of movies 2013

3d is not gone and it doesn’t seem to going away anytime soon.  I’d be happy if it were gone.  On a lot of movies it doesn’t add anything. It was well used in Gravity.

Franchises are big. Star War is coming back and might be different in scope with solo movies. Marvel has become a franchise or franchises.  DC/Warner Brothers is trying something new, or at least new for them,with their Man of Steel series adding Batman.

Remakes are big.

Tyler Perry still has a sizable audience. At least he does for his comedies but maybe a lessor one for his more dramatic movies. There seems to be a steady audience for movies for African American audiences in the few years.

There are no young action stars. I like Jason Statham but he is not young. The Rock isn’t either.  If there is a young action hero on the scene, I don’t know about him.

Studios are looking for the next young adult series to become a movie franchise.  So far only the Hunger Games has been a success post-Twilight. Other young adult series have not been successful films. Divergent is the next attempt. Of course the Hunger Games has been a major success, so more young adult novels will be made into movies.

Melissa McCarthy has broken out post Bridesmaids.

Vince Vaughn might be on his way out. That might be harsh but maybe he needs better material.  Or maybe tastes are fickle. Two of his last three films bombed.

Sylvester Stallone is no longer a box office draw outside of the Expendables.


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