Movie thoughts 11-5-2013

There is an Anchorman 2 super ticket coming.  Details are coming later.  Are people really going to pay extra to see the movie 2 days early?  I guess it depends on how much extra that ticket costs and what extras are included.

(For a movie that I insist I don’t want to see, I write about Anchorman 2 a lot.)

Is Wonder Wonder going to make an appearance in Batman vs Superman or whatever they’re calling the Man of Steel sequel?  Signs seem to be pointing that way. Is that a bad idea?  Shouldn’t Wonder Woman make her first movie appearance in her own movie?

I think Wonder Woman should make her first movie appearance in her own movie.  I think that’s important.  She is one of the most iconic DC comics characters and I think having just a small part or glorified cameo in someone else’s movie wouldn’t be right.  Maybe the studio doesn’t though.

George Lucas has not walked away from Star Wars.  He is apparently talking to J.J. Abrams.  I thought he, Lucas, had stepped away completely and handed it off.  I thought that Lucas created a basic concept for the next three films but then walked away.  Maybe I was wrong or maybe something changed after Abrams started writing the script.

There is still talk of a Deadpool movie. Director Tim Miller says there is a revised script and now the studio has to decide whether to green-light the movie.  Ryan Reynolds is still interested but is the studio interested in him?  Two of his last movies bombed and one, R.I.P.D., bombed pretty badly.  Maybe the R,I.P.D. bombing is not all his fault but some of that failure attached to him.


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