the System

The System is a book about College football by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian.  It covers ESPN’s signature show College Gameday, and the University of Alabama among other aspects of the sport.  It is pretty interesting.

The section about Alabama football is interesting.  I know this is a book about college football but Nick Saban bailed on the Dolphins.  I felt that was glossed over.   Otherwise the section was interesting.

It also covers the recruiting situation.  Recruiter is a big deal. There was a scandal about recruiting at the university of Tennessee.   There was a process of recruiting using hostesses to recruit football players.

The Mike Leach situation was covered well, I thought.  I thought  the coverage was fair.  I am still not sure if I would want to play for Mike Leach.  He seems to have a bit of a mean streak as a coach.

The most fun part of the book is the part about College Gameday.  That show has been fun but not trying too hard to be fun.  I think it is probably the best show of its kind that ESPN does.

It is not an anti-college football book.


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