Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is a good movie.    I know about the controversy surrounding the movie and I understand why some people felt that they couldn’t go see the movie.  I decided that I wanted to see the movie.   I didn’t think that my movie ticket mattered that much.  (Even if Card has profit sharing in the movie, I figured he’d get so little of my ticket money that he couldn’t do much with it.  Also Card says that he has abandoned his anti-gay marriage efforts.)

I wasn’t sure what year the movie was set in.  I think I missed that detail.  It is at least the near future and humanity has suffered after a war with an alien race of ant-like creatures,  Children are being recruited to fight back against the aliens.

The movie focuses on Ender Wiggins.  (Is that name supposed to be symbolic?)  He is supposed to a tactical genius but that doesn’t come across that well.  He seems more ruthless to me.  I am not saying that isn’t a required quality in a warrior.  Asa Butterfield is good as Ender.

The acting is good.  Harrison Ford’s character is almost the villain of the movie.  He wants to win the war and he’s convinced that Ender can lead the human race to victory,  If the process of molding Ender into that leader is painful for Ender, well so be it.

Ben Kingsley enters the movie a lot later than the trailers suggest.  It is an observation, not a complaint.


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