Movie thoughts 11-3-2013

If I see news that American Ninja is being remade, then I will say that there are too many remakes.

Early reviews of Thor the Dark World continue to be good.  It is at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I think the movie might be pretty good.  Promos continue to look good.  I plan to see it in 2D.

Apparently Jaime Alexander (Sif) is involved with the Man of Steel sequel.  She has at least either seen a partial script or has been talking to Warner Brothers about the movie. (There is an article about her on  That story might develop.  It seems that she could be a good choice for Wonder Woman.

This looks to be another good year for Marvel movies.  I don’t think Marvel has had a bad year at the movies yet but that might be easy when you are only releasing two or three movies a year.

The Highlander remake has a director, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.  This will be his first film as a director, which seems an interesting choice.  There is no news yet on an actor.

Apparently the producers of Star Wars episode VII want to push the movie back to 2016.   The script is being re-written, if you hire a director who is also a screenwriter that could happen.  I don’t know if the story idea is being completely replaced or not.  Disney is apparently saying that they want the film in 2015.  We’ll see.

An American Ninja remake could be fun.


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