X-Men Days of Future Past thoughts

The first trailer for X-men Days of Future Past is out.  Here are a few quick thoughts

  • the music was good
  • Wolverine is very featured in the trailer
  • it was nice to see a few of the classic actors replaying their classic roles
  • it was nice see some of the new characters, even briefly
  • plot details were scarce
  • Jennifer Lawrence has important roles in two film franchises
  • it looks like the two Professor X’s from the different timelines will meet briefly

It is a good trailer.  It creates interest. The movie comes out next summer, May 23, so there will be more trailers.

It would have been nice for the First Class cast to have another movie to themselves.  I think there were some interesting stories that could have been told with that cast. Of course after that movie (X-men First Class), the Avengers came out and it was decided to go bigger.  At least I think that was part of the motivation.

Reviews of the trailer have been good.



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