Comic Book Thoughts 10-27-2013

Perhaps the Defenders are a group or concept whose time has come and gone.  No revival of the Defenders has lasted even 2 years in the last ten to 15 years.  Even if the Fearless Defenders is not really connected to the classic Defenders, Fearless Defenders is getting canceled with issue #12.  Maybe for some reason, people just don’t connect with the team or non-team anymore.

Infinity cross over is ending soon.  I still haven’t sampled it.  However Sam (Cannonball) and Roberto (Sunspot) actually got some page time in an Infinity tie-in issue of Avengers. It is good to see.  At one point, I was excited about Jonathan Hickman taking over Avengers.

Spider-man 2099 is stuck in the past.  Maybe he’ll get a mini-series.   Or maybe he will make some more appearances in Superior Spider-man.

So, far no Ted Kord appearance has happened.

Black Adam and Ultraman’s fight from Justice League #24 will continue in Forever Evil #3.  It is a bit of a shame because Ivan Reis is a better action artist than David Finch.   I am not saying David Finch is a bad artist, he isn’t.  The origin of Ultraman was interesting.


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